MetaleN, originally known as Wieland SA, was founded in 1974. In 2021, we decided to rebrand and create a set of values that truly represent our ethos and customer centric approach. As MetaleN we represent resilience, and have a newly established focus on Copper and Copper-based alloys. Metals form an integral part of the ever-changing world around us, not only contributing to our quality of life, but shaping the world for future generations. Our confidence in our established market position, experience & innovation, form part of our track record to providing solutions suited to your specific requirements. Copper and heat-exchange materials are leading the way in our modern & technological age, forming part of the many essential areas such as Energy, Heating and Cooling, Medical, Decorative, Electronics, Farming & Mining. You can rely on MetaleN for quality that adheres to strict international standards on an ISO9001 certified manufacturing site.


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